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Kongekrabbe safari med båt - sommer - Barents safari

Kongekrabbesafari med elvebåt - sommer

King Crab Safari by riverboat to the Russian borderline, with king crab meal
Meet and eat the King crab from our crab pots, as we visit Boris Gleb - An Icon of the Norwegian-Russian border history. You follow our riverboats from Kirkenes to our facility at the Russian borderline. We serve you fresh King Crab with white wine, cloudberries with cream, followed by coffee or tea. While the crabs are being prepared, you'll learn that the cultural history of the Laplanders and the Orthodox church of Russia are closely connected to the border area. You'll be as close to the border that you can almost touch it! However, trespassing is illegal. Fully licensed. Souvenirs are available.

Price: NOK 1.650 per person / NOK 825 Children under 12 years

Start: 14:00 and 18:00* / Duration: ca. 3 hours