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Aurora Borealis- The dancing light across the sky

The sun, the stars, and the planets are part of the eternal and predictable in peoples life and has alway taking a big part in our daily life. The northern lights are here due to cosmos magnetic and electrical powers. Cosmos show us mesmerizing colours and movement over the sky in it`s wonderful nature.The northern light can not be described. You need to experience the atmosphere and the amazing lights dancing over the sky while breathing cold fresh norwegian air.

The magnetic field is the reason why we get the northern lights in the polar area. Electrical particles moves much easier along the magnetic field og reaches futher down in the atmosphere in the polar region cause here it is almost vertical down to earth. Particle precipitation is encircles the magnetic poles, and in this circle we find the northern lights as a halo around both the poles. 

You can find Varanger in the auroral zone and here the northern lights daily phenomenon. Some days it is not as bright to be noticed, but there is no exaggeration to say that the northern lights occurs every second night here in Varanger. However clear sky play a vital part as well to explore this amazing phenomenon.  



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