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Varanger Lodge - Arctic Luxury

Welcome to Varanger Lodge - Arctic Luxury. Design of the cabins is based on old Sámi traditions and the rough Varanger-landscape, while at the same time comfort and sustainable solutions are in focus. The wide windows allow you to get at close with the arctic nature while your hospitable hosts make sure you have a splendid stay!

The oldest buildings in Varanger area were the gámme of the Sámi people in area. These buildings were constructed of birch trees and covered with turf. They were build close to the shoreline making the way to the resources in the ocean short. Varanger Lodge has got it’s inspiration from these ancient traditions. The roofs are covered with turf and grass from the building site. Some of the inside walls are covered with birch panels, each piece picked by hand to fit the rooms. At the same time the comfort of the guest has been a priority.

Each cabin has 4 beds, and each bedroom has own bathroom. In the living room there is a well equipped kitchen and dining space for four. If you wish to set the table for larger party, we can arrange it in the meeting room in the neighboring building. In addition there is a woodburning sauna in between the cabins at your disposal through out your stay.

If you are looking for relaxation and peace, or action and speed in the nature, you can find it all staying with us. We arrange customized fishing- and king crab safari to the ocean year round. You can join for a sleigh ride in the mountains in the winter or hike at a fishing lake in the summer. Snow shoes and kick sledges are ready for you at the cabins in the winter and you can borrow hiking poles and maps for independent exploring of the surroundings in the summer. Northern lights, midnight sun and all the varieties of arctic weather will make a spectacular framework for your vacation!