Bildet viser Edgar som holder en kongekrabbe helt nært kamera
Bildet viser Edgar som holder en kongekrabbe helt nært kamera
Bildet viser tre stykker som er på en båt, den ene holder opp en stor kongekrabbe
Bildet viser en dame som holder opp en stor torsk hun har fått på kroken.
Bildet visen en som skal tømme en krabbeteine, full av krabbe i båten.
Bildet viser det tre stykker som ser på konge krabbe, den ene personen holder i handen.
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Varanger King Crab Safari

Red King Crab is a delicacy that is highly valued around the world. Join a local fisherman and learn everything about how to catch and prepare this treat as the professionals do it!

The trip starts from Nesseby harbor, a lively fishery community and the heart of Sámi village Nesseby. Your captain Edgar takes out on the Varangerfjord to check crab pots as he has done for the last 20 years. It was here in East-Finnmark where the Red King Crab first appeared after that Russian scientist had released the outside Murmansk in the 60’s.

Each trip to the sea is unique as the crab thrives in different depths in the different times of the year. The guests on board participate in sorting out the days catch and learn from professional fisherman all about king crabs life in the sea. The Red King Crab has become an important part of livelihood for the local fishermen and therefor the resource must be made use of in a sustainably manner.

After the crab pots are checked, it’s time to try out some deep sea fishing. No previous experience is needed and all necessary equipment is ready on board. With his top modern equipment and extensive experience as a fisherman, Edgar can guarantee that you will get something on your hook during the trip! The most common catch is cod, pollock, haddock or catfish. If you are very lucky even a halibut can come up from the depths of the ocean!


  • Concierge high light
  • Summer
  • Suitable for families
  • Dinner included
  • Low