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Summer season at BIRK

Welcome to BIRK

Accommodation in smal cabins, tents up in the trees or more comfort in our little guesthouse. In addition we do offer fat bike tours, hiking tours or wagon tours with our dogs.
Local food served in our Sami lavvu or Viking long house.

What to do at BIRK outside the winter season?

BIRK is open for accommodation, food and adventures all year round. When we do not have snow to do dog sledding we do have other adventures to offer.

- small cabins for self catering
- tents up among the trees (not available during winter season)
- rooms in our cozy little guesthouse

Meals at BIRK
We do serve lunch and dinners either in our Sami lavvu or in our Viking long house, depending on how many guests we have and the weather conditions outside. Both special adventures.
We serve normally local food with fish or meat.
All food allergies and vegans/vegetarians must be informed about when the order is placed.

Adventures and tours with BIRK outside the winter season
- fat bike tours
- hiking tours
- wagon tours with our huskies
- bird feeders for our bird watching guests

We are a small company placed right at the border to Russia.
Either you come all alone, with friends or family we are sure you will feel close to nature at BIRK and a long way from the mas tourism hustle and bustle.


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