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Searafting in the Arctic

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Rafting in the arctic gives you an amazing experience with the spectaculare sea, the consuming dark or the incredible light. You will meet the Barents sea at it`s best for an unforgettable experience.

Maby this will be your best Varanger moment?

Nature at it`s best. We visit Syltefjord og Båtsfjord depending on weather, but no matter what we will get to se a unforgetteble scenery with the birds and the mouintains with the wind in your hair.

In 40 knops you will feel the nature and the Barenst sea whipping the seasalt over you and the enormous butterflies in you`re belly saying you are exited and you`re having the time of your life.

Safety comes first so you will be dressed up in a survival suit, before hitting the RIB and after our safety demonstration. And no worries, we will make sure you feel safe and we will adjust the trip after you`re wishes.

Let us show you the fantastic arctic and give you a real Varanger moment!


  • Summer
  • Medium