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Rib trip

Take on a trip out to Hornøya you get a taste of Hornøya's rich bird life. There is a big traffic of birds that are either on their way out or into the fishing gulf to get food.

Hornøya is Norway's eastern island, and lies a little mile outside Vardø in the Barents Sea.

Hornøya is easily accessible, just 10 minutes boat ride from Vardø harbor.

When you reach Hornøya you will be landed just under the bird's eye.

On the flatier parties on Hornøya, large amounts of gray moths, fish moths and black baked hooks. Hornøya and Varangerfjorden are one of the most important wintering areas of the Arctic ducklings of stellerand and prairie birds.

Unlike the arctic arctic landscape in the northern part of Varanger Peninsula, Hornøya has a lush vegetation that is the result of rich fertilizer from the birds on the island.

NB Hornøya is protected as a nature reserve, and there is a traffic restriction on the island. A marked path ensures that all the species are visible, many of which you will be able to observe in close contact. Bring a packed lunch, something hot in the cup and do not forget about the camera. Use the trail and do not disturb the birds unnecessarily.

Have a great stay at the spectacular Hornøya!