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"Myrbekkoia" - wilderness cabin

"Myrbekkoia" is located out in the forest. 11 kilometers from the main road.
Heating by wood fire, no electricity or running water.
Rented out to guests use to this kind of living. Beautiful place - good location for bird-watching early in spring/early summer.

Myrbekkoia – Wilderness cabin

A cabin in the forest, our base for longer trips with our dogs in the wintertime. There is also a possibility to rent only the cabin without a program from June to October.

The cabin was built in the 50s for the forest workers, we have restored gradualy during the last years. During the summer it is possible to drive with car into the cabin along a good forest road the last 11 km.

Our cabin is fully equiped and has a good kitchen with gas-oven. Outside you will find a traditional sauna. Both cabin and sauna is heated with woodfire, it is not electristy or wifi at this cabin. There is no running water in the cabin, this you fetch in the stream outside. Outdoor toilet.

Price without duvets, bedding and cleaning

Cabin with 9 beds in the attic NOK 950
Bedding can be rented for NOK 75 per person.
Cleaning is not included in the price, can be booked with price of NOK 2000

The cabin is not rented out in wintertime due to bing the base of our winter tours with dog sleds.