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Kayaking trip out on the fjord to Skovika

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Want to see and experience the nature and the sea? The a kayaking trip out on the beautiful Båtsfjord fjord to Skovika, a woderfull place with a great view out on Båtsfjord and the fjord.

We have two trips out to Skovika with kayak, one for you and your friends and one romantic trip for couples.
The trip starts from Båtsfjord Hotel where you get a safty demonstration and try the kayak in the water.

Here you get to see the beautiful fjord while you are on the surface of the water.
When you get to Skovika you will be served dinner, you can choose fish or meat for dinner.

This adventure last for 4 hours. We hope to see you.


  • Concierge high light
  • Summer
  • Dinner included
  • Medium
  • Voksen over 18 år