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Join us for a visit to the Svanhovd environmental center on ATV

Join us in the Brown bears kingdom. Explore the beautiful arctic nature in Varanger on ATV with us. Do you want to have some fun? Booke this trip now!

The tour gives you the opportunity to see Svanvik Kapell, which was built in 1934, as well as the old ferry port and the customs station Utnes, which was in operation between Norway and Finland until 1944. Today, Russia is on the other side. You also get the opportunity to take the trip up to the 96th hill (96-høyden), which is an ancient military watchtower from the "Cold War".

We end the trip at Svanhovd research Center. It will be possible to buy something to eat, as well as go to Svanhovds visitor center to see the exhibition "Upper Pasvik National Park". You can also visit Svanhovd`s botanical garden.