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How to be a birdwatcher?

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How to be a birdwatcher?
Young and old people are fascinated by birds, and birdwatching is a great way to get to know nature. Are you wondering what a birdwatcher really does?

We put on a big suit and bring binoculars, jump onboard the boat and sail across the fjord. You will then be taken to birdparadise, Syltefjordstauran. Syltefjordstauran is one of Norway's largest and most important birdcliffs. It extends three kilometers along the northwest side of the Syltefjord, and extends 200-300 meters above sea level. Many seabird species nest here. Birds of prey often use the bird mountain as a hunting area.
If you are going to try to be birdwatching for a day, this is where you should be. You will simply have a near bird experience and you will learn a lot about birds and why millions of people around the world simply love being birdwatchers.


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