Bildet viser til høyre en som har fått en stor fisk. Bilde til venstre viser en som har fått en stor torsk
CBIS 4870895
Bildet viser en som har fått en stor fisk.
Bildet viser to store fisk som ligger i en båt.
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Guided deep sea fishing safari

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Take the trip with Leah William and try the fishing tackle on old traditional fishing spots in the beautiful Varanger fjord.

Come om board Leah William and go out to old traditional fishing spots on the Varanger fjord.
There we are going to catch the silver of the sea, the cod.
We will prepare and taste catch in comfortable surroundings on board.
It will also be the opportunity to seek out local fishing spots for big halibut.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy beer or wine under way.


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