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Birding in Varanger

The teeming birdlife in Varanger is magnificent and this is one of the worlds easiest accessible arctic birding destination. You can find birds here all yer around, and the arctic birds thinks the winter here in Varanger is pleasant. Here in Varanger you have the Northern taiga, tundra and arctic coastline in one destination.

Varanger is an important junctions in the world of birds, and one of the reasons is the sea, birch forest, marshes, river deltas, wetlands and the shoreline gives the birds all the food they need during the migration, breeding and wintering.

In Varanger you can find birds that you rare find in the rest of Norway or Europe. Amongst them you can find species as Harlequin duck, Cattle egret, spectacled eider, Egyptian Vulture, Greater Spotted Eagle, Little Burstard, Semipalmated plover, Stilt Sandpiper, Little curlev, Rose gull, Bridled tern, American Pipit / Buff-bellied Pipit and White-winged Lark.

In the Varanger Peninsula you can find gests as Yellow-billed Loon, Common Loon and Aurasian Dotterel, you also find more common Red-throated Loon and Whooper Swan. 


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